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Flight Training at KSEM in Selma, Alabama

Our Flight School is a Part 61 certified facility that offers flexible pilot training tailored to each student's needs. We strive to provide quality instruction that is tailored to the individual's goals and interests. Our instructors have a wealth of experience to help guide each student to success.

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Plane in the Sky

Cessna 172


Training Aircraft

Aeropro flies Cessna 172 aircraft for flight training, time building, and scenic flights.  Considered the top aircraft for flight training, the Cessna 172 has been the leading training aircraft for decades. This high-wing aircraft was first manufactured in 1956 and remains in production today. To date, Cessna has produced over 43,000 Skyhawks.

Our aircrafts are maintained in our maintenance shop according to manufacturer requirements by our highly experienced A&P mechanics.

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