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Become a Certificated Flight Instructor CFI

You Must:

  • Be 18 years of age

  • Read, speak, write and understand the English language

  • Hold a commercial pilot certificate

  • Have logged at least 250 hours of flight time

  • Hold a valid FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate (or higher)

  • Receive a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor on the fundamentals of instructing

  • Pass an aeronautical knowledge test on areas appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought *(*testing fees not included)



Multi-Engine Add On

Receive flight training in our Piper Apache aircraft with a brand new advanced avionics package.

10 hours flight time

10 hours ground school

Aeronautical Knowledge test (paid separately)


Accelerated Pilot Training Program

Please call us to develop a tailored accelerated training program to suit your needs. We offer room, board and training Private Pilot - CFI and Multi-Engine Add On. Financing is available.

The accelerated program with board averages $90,000.00 with time to completion as a full-time student at 11 months.

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